Why You May Not Be A Candidate For An Implant

jbDental implants are a permanent and stable way to replace a lost tooth. Although the procedure is complex and invasive, it is as if you’ve never lost a tooth. An implant requires the surgical “implant” of a titanium post into your jawbone. The post then osseointegrates with the bone becoming one. This provides a base as stable as the original tooth root. The base is then topped with a crown that is usually fabricated from porcelain because the color and translucency of the material mimics natural teeth. If you are considering such treatment, there are reasons you may not be a candidate for an implant.

Jaw Bone Loss

To receive an implant you must have a strong, healthy jawbone to surgically implant the titanium post. Without enough healthy jawbone, an implant procedure is impossible. The three most common reasons for jawbone loss or deterioration include:
Tooth extraction: Your natural teeth are embedded into your jawbone (the alveolar). The stimulation that the bone receives during chewing helps keep it healthy and strong, and the existence of the tooth helps keep your other teeth in alignment. When a tooth is lost or extracted and not replaced, the empty jawbone area will begin to resorb (breakdown) making that area of the jawbone unsuitable for an implant, unless a bone graft is performed to reinstate the alveolar to a healthy condition.
Periodontal disease: Periodontal disease is a chronic infection of the gingival tissue that breaks down the gum tissue, the supporting periodontal ligaments, and the underlying jawbone.
Bridges and dentures: With dentures and bridges the prosthesis rests on the gum eliminating the stimulation the underlying jawbone receives to remain healthy. As time passes, the bone will begin to resorb and deteriorate.
The best time to get an implant is immediately after the loss of a tooth.


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