Flossing: Make the Most of It

flossingwomanHave you been flossing for most of your life and simply assume you have been doing a wonderful job? Are you a recent convert who has realized that dental floss protects your smile from gum disease and tooth decay? Whatever your stance, we applaud your efforts in maintaining a healthy mouth. However, we also encourage you to consider the following tips for ensuring you’re making the most of this dental hygiene essential. By making even a few minor changes, you may see exceptional improvements in the look, feel, and long-term health of your smile.

Tips for Improving Your Home Flossing

Tip #1: Begin with Enough Floss

If you’re tearing off a 6-inch strand of dental floss for your entire mouth, you’re cutting it too short. We encourage you to begin with a strand that measures approximately 2 feet in length, so you can effectively clean between all of your teeth without re-using the same portion.

Tip #2: Floss Once A Day

We encourage you to floss your teeth after each meal – as often as you brush. However, as long as you perform this dental hygiene task at least once daily, which we suggest you do before you go to bed, you are making a solid effort that will yield excellent results.

Tip #3: Prevent Numb Fingertips

If you wind that dental floss around your index fingers, you will find that your fingertips begin to tingle after a short time. For a more effective technique, wrap each end around your middle fingers. Then, direct the floss with your index fingers and thumbs.

Tip #4: Improve Your Technique

Simply moving the dental floss up-and-down between teeth will not get the job done. Instead, wrap the floss in a c-shape around one tooth, beginning beneath your gumline. Move the floss up and down. Then, repeat the process with the neighboring tooth.


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