The Do’s and Don’ts of Good Dental Hygiene

Hopefully, you know by now that brushing and flossing your teeth, as well as visiting your dentist at least once every six months for an exam and cleaning, are the main tenets of what you should do to keep your mouth healthy. However, good dental health is as much about what you don’t do as it is what you do. To help make sure that you’re making the most of a good dental hygiene routine, we explain a few important do’s and don’ts in proper dental health management.

To Do, and Not To Do

DO—Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once to help control plaque buildup, which contains bacteria that can damage your teeth and gums.
DON’T—Scrub too harshly, as you may be tempted to do if your teeth are especially grimy. Unlike a marble countertop, scrubbing harshly does not clean your teeth better. On the contrary, you may end up rubbing your teeth enamel clean off of your teeth, leaving them more vulnerable to bacteria and decay.
DO—Visit your dentist at least once every six months for a comprehensive dental checkup and cleaning. Your visits should occur sooner if you are at an increased risk of dental issues, or if you’ve recently undergone dental treatment.
DON’T—neglect to visit your dentist just because you feel like your hygiene is superb, or because your teeth appear squeaky clean and healthy. Tooth decay and gum disease do not always exhibit noticeable signs when they first develop. Detecting them early often depends on a strict adherence to your dental checkup schedule.
DO—refrain from snacking excessively on sugary products to help reduce your risk of cavities.
DON’T—fall into a false sense of security simply because you’ve cut candy from your diet. The germs that convert sugar into tooth-eroding acid convert other fermentable carbohydrates, as well.


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