Is There a Way to Make Teeth Stronger?

Did you know that your teeth are the strongest parts of your body? Did you also know that, in some ways, they’re also the most vulnerable? Your teeth are unique in how they interact with the rest of your body, and in how they react when injured or afflicted with an infection (tooth decay). Understanding how and why they’re so exceptional can help you make your teeth stronger, and healthy enough to last a lifetime.  

Teeth Strength and Vulnerability

Several different things factor into the incredible strength of healthy teeth. For instance, they’re supported by roots that are deeply embedded within your jawbone, like the foundation of a tall building. Teeth are also coated and protected by a thin, but super-resilient, layer of enamel. Semi-translucent tooth enamel is semi-translucent, and made entirely of mineral crystals and proteins. While enamel is the strongest substance your body produces, it can grow weak when it’s exposed to acids, when poor hygiene allows bacteria to overwhelm your teeth, or when your teeth are subjected to constant undue pressure (i.e., chronically grinding your teeth).

Tips to Strengthen Teeth

So how do you stop enamel from growing weak? Organic acid is enamel’s greatest enemy, mainly because it’s the most persistent danger. Whenever you eat or drink, sugar and carbohydrates are converted into acid by the bacteria in your mouth. Along with any acids that your meals and beverage already contain, the bombardment saps your teeth of minerals and attacks their enamel. You can keep your teeth strong and resilient by;
  • Brushing and flossing at least twice every day to clean away acid-producing bacteria (found largely in dental plaque)
  • Drinking more water, which helps automatically neutralize acids
  • Consuming more dairy products, like milk, that contain a wealth of calcium, phosphate, an vitamin D (building blocks of tooth enamel)
  • Drinking less soda, which attacks your teeth on several fronts with its high sugar AND acid content


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