Can a Cavity Strike the Same Tooth Twice?

If a tooth can’t regrow the structure that it loses to a cavity, does that mean that cavities can’t affect the same tooth twice? Unfortunately, they can. Cavities are a result of tooth decay, a bacterial infection; even if the tooth is treated, it’s still susceptible to infection that could destroy what remains of the tooth’s healthy structure. Fortunately, keeping the treated tooth healthy is as simple as keeping the rest of your teeth healthy. Practice good hygiene by brushing and flossing at least twice a day, and attend your regular dental checkup and cleaning as often as recommended.

How to Treat a Cavity

To prevent a cavity from striking twice, it helps to treat the initial cavity with a durable restoration. In most cases, that describes a white tooth filling that can be bonded to your tooth’s structure to effectively seal the cavity from further infection. In extreme cases, the tooth’s inner chamber and root canals may have to be cleaned of infected tissues and sealed before the filling is placed (also called a root canal procedure). If necessary, additional protection can be provided by capping the tooth with a custom-made dental crown.

How to Prevent Cavities

The bacteria that lead to cavity development are found abundantly in dental plaque, and good dental hygiene revolves around controlling plaque before these germs can cause damage. Brushing and flossing your teeth temporarily eliminates the bacterial biofilm, but it forms constantly, and if it remains long enough, it will calcify into tartar. Unlike plaque, tartar can only be removed with professional equipment at the dentist’s office, and if it forms, the bacteria it protects can grow stronger until your next visit to the dentist. Maintaining a schedule of routine dental cleanings will allow Dr. Smith to routinely remove tartar and reduce your risks of cavity development.


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