Think Twice About Energy and Sports Drinks

It’s summer, and in Texas, that means HOT! So, naturally, your first instinct may be to keep a beverage with you at all times, and given their popularity, that beverage may often be a sports drink or energy drink. They’re full of flavor, electrolytes, and lots of other things that many people automatically assume are good for them. Unfortunately, that misconception hides the fact that many of what today’s sports and energy drinks contain can seriously affect your dental health, such as causing irreversible damage to your teeth.

What’s REALLY in the Bottle

Although the right sports beverage can satisfy your thirst, and an occasional energy drink can give you the boost you need to make it through the day, most of them are chockfull of sugar and highly-acidic substances. When acids come into contact with your teeth, they deplete your teeth of minerals, causing the enamel around them to weaken and dissolve. As sugar interacts with bacteria-laden dental plaque, the germs convert it into more acid, further damaging your teeth until they fall victim to cavity-causing tooth decay. Weak teeth are also more prone to chipping, cracking, and breaking, making sports and energy drinks among the most damaging influences on your dental health.

Flavorful Alternatives

Need ideas to replace your sports and/or energy drink habit? To quench your thirst, try water—an all-time favorite of doctors and dentists. Water can naturally rinse food particles and bacteria from your mouth, as well as neutralize the acids that oral bacteria produce. Many grocery stores carry sugar-free, fruit-flavored water to help please the palate while hydrating your mouth and body. Milk, which contains teeth-strengthening calcium, and unsweetened tea, which contains numerous antioxidant properties, are also good, teeth-friendly alternatives.


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