Do You Have Bleeding Gums?

When you hear about oral health, more than likely you think about tooth cavities. While this can be an important factor pertaining to teeth health, your gums are also very important. Your gums not only play an important role in just your oral health, but in your overall well-being as well. In most cases, swollen and bleeding gums are a potential sign of gum disease. There are a number of different things that cause gum issues. Whatever the issue, there are steps that can be taken to minimize gum damage and discomfort.

What Causes Your Gums to Bleed?

Bleeding gums could result from a bleeding disorder, brushing your teeth too hard, hormonal changes during pregnancy, improper flossing, ill-fitting dentures, and even infection. Your gums could also bleed from inadequate plaque removal on your teeth, around the gum line. This leads to gingivitis or inflamed gums. Plaque can be removed through regular brushing and dental appointments; however, without this, the plaque can harden (calcify)into what’s called tartar. This will ultimately lead to increased bleeding and a higher level of gum and jawbone disease, known as periodontitis.

How Can This be Prevented?

Prevention can be pretty easy. When toothbrush shopping, whether it be a manual or electric one, choose one that has soft, nylon bristles, and the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance on its packaging. There are toothbrushes that have medium or hard bristles, but they can damage the enamel on your teeth and cause red, swollen gums. When you brush, use gentle, circular motions to massage and clean your teeth and gums. Some people use a back-and-forth method, but this method can irritate and damage your gums, making them sore and prone to increased bleeding. If the bleeding is severe or chronic, or if your gums continue to bleed even after treatment, it would be best to consider coming in and seeing Dr. Smith for further diagnosis and potential treatment options.

About Your Grand Prairie Dentist: 

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