Implant Dentures: Securing Your Smile

Do you wear dentures dentures? Do your dentures slip or feel loose? How often do you remove them, or find yourself putting them back in? Dr. Quinn Smith offers a way to secure your dentures permanently with the support of dental implants. If you are searching for an alternative to your standard dentures, implant denturesmay be a viable option to restoring your smile. The process of securing your dentures involves integrating implants into your jawbone, attaching abutments to the implants, and then securing your dentures to the abutments once your jawbone has fully healed. Although the entire procedure can take multiple visits to complete, Dr. Smith is confident you will enjoy the results and benefits of implant-secured dentures.

How Are the Dentures Secured?


Surgically inserting dental implants into your jaw bone is the first step of rebuilding your smile. If your jawbone is healthy and strong enough, a series of titanium implants, shaped similar to your teeths roots, will be placed into your bone.
However, if there are any concerns with the integrity of your jaw bone, Dr. Smith may suggest bone grafting, which borrows bone from another source in your body, or from a donor source, to increase the strength and density of your jaw bone.
Once the integrity of your jaw bone is strong enough to support your dental implants, Dr. Smith will insert the prosthetic teeth roots.
After the implants are inserted, your jawbone will require 4-6 months to heal and properly fuse to the titanium implants. During this time, temporary teeth can be worn over the implant sites until healing/fusion is complete.
Once the jawbone has bonded with the titanium cylinder, Dr. Smith will attach an abutment, an added extension, to the implant, which is the second step of this procedure. The abutment is the small connective unit that protrudes above the gum line and allows Dr. Smith to attach your dentures to your implants.
After your implants are inserted, your jawbone has healed, and the abutments are secured in place, Dr. Smith will adjust your custom-made dentures to ensure the optimal fit, and then secure them to the implantsconnective abutments. of denture slippage.

Benefits of Implant Dentures

When your dentures are secured by implants, instead of the frequent application of adhesives, they are more stable and more comfortable than standard dentures.
Your chewing and biting function will feel more natural than standard dentures
Implant dentures replace lost teeth roots, which helps preserve your jawbones integrity in the long run. Standard dentures do not replace the missing roots, and jaw bone resorption (deterioration) can occur from the lack of root stimulation when you bite and chew.
With improved stability and security, you can eat a wider variety of foods than you could with your standard dentures. .


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