Are Toothaches Preventable?

The trouble with toothaches is that they have more than one possible cause, and treating one depends on finding out what’s causing it. Luckily, preventing toothaches is considerably simpler, and can often be accomplished with good dental hygiene and regular visits to your Grand Prairie dentist. Most toothaches indicate the presence of a dental disease, like tooth decay and gum disease, and keeping your smile healthy can prevent your teeth from becoming overly sensitive.

Why So Sensitive?

One of the most common reasons for sensitive teeth is the thinning and weakening of your tooth enamel. As the outermost layer of your teeth, enamel is the strongest substance your body produces. Underneath enamel lies the tooth’s main body, a substance called dentin, which feeds sensory information to the nerves and blood vessels at the tooth’s center, called the pulp. If tooth decay or dental damage compromises tooth enamel, then irritants that reach the tooth’s dentin can be felt by the nerves, causing the tooth to ache. Gum disease also leads to sensitive teeth by causing gums to recede from their roots, which aren’t protected by enamel and are directly connected to the tooth’s pulp.

Toughen Your Teeth Up

Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day can help control the bacteria that lead to tooth decay and gum disease, preventing some of the more common causes of toothaches. To fortify your teeth against sensitivity, Dr. Smith recommends ensuring that your enamel remains strong and formidable by following these tips;
  • Use fluoride toothpastefluoride bonds to tooth enamel, which is made almost entirely of mineral crystals, to help strengthen it against tooth decay and cavities.
  • Refrain from sugar—sugar and other carbohydrates feed bacteria that convert it into acid. The acid destroys your enamel and deprives your teeth of minerals, exacerbating the destruction of your tooth enamel and facilitating the onset of tooth decay.
  • Don’t skip your checkup and cleaning—regular professional maintenance allows Dr. Smith to periodically inspect your teeth and gums for signs of trouble. Our talented hygienists will also thoroughly clean your teeth and gums of bacteria, plaque, and tartar to help prevent dental diseases from forming.

About Your Grand Prairie Dentist: 

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