Think You Know Tooth Loss?

Tooth loss is self-explanatory—the loss of one or more teeth. Though the condition is straight-forward, its causes, effects, and the means for replacing your teeth aren’t always as simple as you might expect. With a wealth of experience as a restorative dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith is well-versed in the intricacies of tooth loss. Part of rebuilding your smile after losing a tooth, or several, entails educating you about your situation and your viable treatment options.

Quiz Yourself (True/False)

Tooth loss an anomaly that shouldn’t occur.

True: Though tooth loss is common, and even likely for many people, it isn’t inevitable, nor is it a natural part of aging. On the contrary, it usually results from severe damage or an extensive dental disease. In fact, the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the United States is gum disease, which is highly-preventable and highly-controllable when detected and treated in time.

Once a tooth is lost or extracted, it can’t affect your other teeth.

False: Extraction is a common practice when a tooth is severely infected, or if its root is fractured. Removing the tooth helps prevent injury and the spread of infection to surrounding tissues. Nevertheless, the tooth’s influence doesn’t disappear with its extraction. With the tooth gone, those that remain have to take up the slack in your bite’s balance. The increased pressure can damage your other teeth, and they may even shift towards the open space to fix your bite’s pressure distribution.

Once a tooth root is lost, it’s gone forever.

True and False: Like the rest of your tooth’s structure, its roots don’t repair themselves or grow back once they’re damaged or lost. However, modern dentistry provides the means for replacing your lost teeth’s roots with the advent of dental implants. The small titanium root devices can be surgically inserted into your jawbone and used to support an appropriate dental prosthetic (i.e., dental crown, bridge, or denture).

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