Grand Prairie Dentist Answers Questions about Teeth Whitening

Are stained teeth making you feel unhappy and self-conscious? Have you considered teeth whitening treatment? If you have considered it but still have some lingering questions, read below as your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, responds to several frequently asked questions about teeth whitening.

Are there any dangers associated with teeth whitening treatment?

The most common side effect associated with teeth whitening treatment is non-permanent sensitivity in treated teeth. However, in certain circumstances it is possible for teeth whitening treatment to cause more serious damage. Thus, before you choose to whiten your teeth, it is important that your teeth are examined by a dental professional. If, for instance, a filling is leaking or a tooth is cracked, it is possible for the whitening solution to get deep inside of a tooth, where it can do damage.

What is the difference between professional and store-bought whitening treatments?

Professional whitening treatments feature more powerful whitening agents than store-bought treatments do. Thus, professional whitening tends to produce more dramatic results in shorter periods of time. With professional teeth whitening, you also get the experience and professional expertise of your Grand Prairie cosmetic dentist, Dr. Smith.

Can I whiten my teeth professionally at home?

You can. Your Grand Prairie cosmetic dentist, Dr. Smith, offers take-home teeth whitening kits that feature custom trays and a whitening solution. These kits are popular because they allow patients to whiten their teeth at their leisure while working on a computer or watching television. The process of whitening is also very simple. Patients must fill their trays with the whitening solution and then wear them over their teeth according to a treatment plan specified by Dr. Smith. The results of the treatment typically show in 1-2 weeks.

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