Cedar Hill Dentist Explains Why Bruxism Treatment Is Important

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can occur without one’s knowledge. A bruxism habit can do this because it will often occur at night, when the sleeper is none the wiser to what is going on. Unfortunately, this attribute of bruxism habits makes them very dangerous as significant damage can occur without your knowledge. Therefore, if you notice any signs that could point toward bruxism, it is important that you seek dental assistance. To learn more about bruxism and its treatment, read the information from your Cedar Hill dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, below.

Symptoms of Bruxism

Several symptoms can point to a bruxism habit. One very common symptom is sensitivity in teeth, especially upon waking in the mornings. This sensitivity stems from the strain that teeth undergo as they grind against each other during sleep. Another common symptom is a sore jaw. In some cases, the jaw may even pop or click when the mouth opens and closes. A final symptom that can indicate bruxism is visible wear on teeth. Teeth may appear flattened or look ground down. If you notice these signs, contact your Cedar Hill dentist, Dr. Smith, for an examination.

Dangers of Bruxism

·         Structural damage to teeth. The nightly wear created by bruxism may eventually wear teeth out to the point that they crack, chip, or break. This kind of damage is very serious and may require a dental crown to repair the tooth.

·         An increased risk of tooth decay. Teeth grinding actually robs teeth of their enamel, thus making them more vulnerable to attack from bacteria. With less enamel to defend against bacteria, tooth decay becomes more likely.

·         TMJ disorders. Teeth are not alone in suffering as a result of bruxism. The jaw suffers as well. With enough strain, the jaw joints (also called TMJs), can develop a nasty disorder with symptoms that include frequent headaches, migraines, and facial pain, among others.

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