Grand Prairie General Dentist Helps You Prevent Cavities

A cavity is the physical damage done to a tooth by harmful bacteria. Thus, cavity prevention is all about ridding the mouth of these bacteria. To aid you in this endeavor, your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, has put together three tips that can help you remain cavity free.

Tips for Cavity Prevention

1.      Avoid sugary snacks and drinks. You have probably heard many times that sugar rots your teeth. While this saying is not true in the strictest sense, sugar does play a significant role in the process of tooth decay. It serves as fuel for bacteria, which consume it and give off an acid byproduct capable of stripping teeth of their enamel. When enough damage occurs, a cavity can develop.

2.      Don’t brush with too much force. This may seem incorrect, but brushing too hard can actually cause some significant problems. The abrasion from forceful brushing can prove too much for tooth enamel, which can be stripped away, thereby making teeth more vulnerable to attack from bacteria. People often brush forcefully to make sure that they are able to remove bacteria-ridden plaque and tartar from their teeth. However, it is better to trust to thorough homecare and dentalcleanings rather than brute force to keep teeth clean and healthy.

3.      Attend dental cleanings with regularity. Dental cleanings are very important because they allow a trained hygienist to clean your teeth. Any stubborn plaque or tartar that you have been unable to remove, they can scrape away with special instruments, leaving your teeth free of the threat of bacteria. Regular cleanings will also allow your Grand Prairie general dentist, Dr. Smith, to examine your mouth for any troubling signs and intervene if they are present.

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