Grand Prairie Dentist Quizzes You on Gum Disease

Gum disease is by no means unheard of. However, not everyone knows just how much damage this sinister disease can inflict. So how does your knowledge stack up on the subject? To find out, test your knowledge with the following quiz from your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, and check your answers below.

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1.      True or False: Gum disease is uncomfortable, but it is not a significant threat.

2.      True or False: Gum disease has no cure.

3.      True or False: Regular dental cleanings can go a long way toward preventing gum disease.

Check Your Answers

1.      False. Because many people know about gingivitis (a form of gum disease that causes inflammation), some people think of gum disease as a kind of rash for the gums. However, gingivitis is not the only type of gum disease. Periodontitis is a more damaging form of gum disease that attacks teeth-supporting tissues and ligaments. As these important structures decay, teeth may loosen and eventually fall out. In addition, gum disease also increases the risks of heart disease, certain cancers, and diabetes.

2.      True. While gum disease can be managed with treatments that include deep cleanings and medications, there is no true cure for the disease. Thus, prevention is that much more important.

3.      True. Gum disease prevention centers around keeping harmful bacteria away from the gums. Thus, homecare is a very important part as brushing and flossing help to remove bad bacteria. However, homecare alone may not be enough. Bacteria can form plaque and tartar, allowing them to cling to teeth in sticky substances that a toothbrush alone may be unable to remove. Thus, it is important that you attend regular dental cleanings to ensure that your teeth remain free of bacteria-ridden plaque and tartar.

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