Grand Prairie Dentist Looks at the Benefits of Implant Dentures

When dentures do not fit properly, they have a high potential for irritation and embarrassment. As the dentures slide around the mouth, they create friction which can become quite painful. Their instability can also lead to embarrassing slips, lowering the confidence of denture wearers. If these struggles are familiar to you, implant dentures could be the perfect solution. To learn more about implant dentures and their many benefits, read the information below provided by your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith.

Advantages of Implant Dentures

1.      There is no need for adjustments. Traditional dentures create friction, causing the ridges on the jaw to wear down over time. As these ridges wear down, the fit becomes less and less secure. It is at this point that many denture wearers will have the fit of their dentures adjusted to improve their stability. Unfortunately, these adjustments provide only a temporary fix. For a more permanent solution, you can have your dentures supported by dental implants. These implant dentures are anchored into the jawbone itself, creating unsurpassed stability that will not diminish over time.

2.      The dentures will feel more like your natural teeth. Natural teeth have their roots in the jawbone. Implant dentures are the same way with the posts of the dental implants embedded in the jaw. Thus, the feel of implant dentures is far more natural than the feel of traditional dentures, which are held in place by the suction they create by covering the palate.

3.      Your sense of taste will return. Because there is no need for suction to hold implant dentures in place, there is no need for the palate to be covered. Accordingly, you should notice an improvement in your sense of taste.

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