Grand Prairie Dentist Quizzes You on Dental Implants

If you’ve looked into dental restorations, you’ve probably come across dental implants. Information about these restorative marvels floods the internet, making them one of the most talked about features of modern dentistry. But just how much do you know about dental implants? Take the following quiz from your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, and find out.

Take the Quiz

1.      True or False: Anyone can receive dental implants.

2.      True or False: Dental implants have a more natural feel than other restorations because they mimic a tooth’s structure.

3.      True or False: Dental implants can help improve jawbone health.

Check Your Answers

1.      False. Candidacy for dental implants is based largely on the amount of healthy bone available in the jaw. If the bone is brittle, it may not support a dental implant. In cases like these, bone grafting is sometimes an option to provide adequate bone tissue to support the implant.

2.      True. Other restorations rely on nearby teeth or suction in order to remain stationary in the mouth. Dental implants, however, have a titanium post that fuses with the jawbone. The post acts like a tooth’s root, anchoring the restoration in place and giving it a natural and stable feel that closely replicates that of a living tooth.

3.      True. Bone cells require stimulation in order to maintain proper bone density. For the jawbone, this stimulation comes in the form of biting and chewing forces that are transmitted to the bone cells through teeth’s roots. Unfortunately, when a tooth is lost, the bone cells beneath the tooth no longer receive stimulation, unless a dental implant is placed, that is. Because an implant’s post resides in the jawbone, it can transmit the stimulating forces to the bone cells, improving bone health.

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