Grand Prairie Dentist: Could Your Toothache Be More Serious Than You Thought?

When you get a toothache, do you take the pain seriously? Although many times toothaches are fleeting and will go away without treatment, some toothaches can indicate serious problems with your oral health. But what kinds of problems can toothaches signify? And how can you tell whether or not a toothache is serious? Your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, answers these questions below.

Toothaches: More Than Just Sensitivity

While not always the case, toothaches can be valuable indicators that not all is right with your oral health. A tooth that has been damaged by tooth decay, for instance, may ache persistently, telling you that it is unhealthy. Sensitivities in teeth may also be a sign of bruxism, or teeth grinding. Often occurring during sleep, bruxism is a habit of which many people are unaware, and so they inflict damage upon their teeth on a nightly basis. The strain that bruxism places on teeth is tremendous and can eventually wear down teeth and inflict structural damage to them. Before that damage occurs, however, teeth may be sensitive and ache regularly, especially in the mornings.

Diagnosing Your Toothache

The real trouble with toothaches is that it can be rather difficult to tell if the pain is a passing sensitivity or a serious indicator of an oral health problem. There are, however, a few clues that can help you decipher the cause of your toothache. First, upon developing a toothache, you should rinse your mouth with warm water and floss in the area of the pain. Doing so can remove any pain-causing irritants from between teeth and alleviate the ache. If rinsing and flossing do not work and the pain lingers, the cause may be more serious. Recurring sensitivities in the mornings can point to a teeth grinding habit, and a toothache that sticks around day after day may indicate that a tooth has suffered some kind of damage.

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