Grand Prairie Family Dentist Shares Summer Tips for You and Your Family

Summer is in full swing, and as you and your family make the most of the sunshine, there are a couple of things that you may want to keep in mind to ensure the continuing oral health of you and your loved ones. To learn more, read the summer tips below from your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith.

Protect Your Loved Ones’ Smiles This Summer with These Tips

·         Take precautions for the sun. Summer is a time when we can go out and enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer, including sunshine. Unfortunately, too much exposure to sunshine can cause serious health concerns like skin cancer. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself and your loved ones when you venture outdoors this summer by applying sunscreen frequently. It is also imperative that you do not forget to protect your lips, which can develop oral cancer from too much exposure to UV rays. Therefore, look for a lip balm with UV protection and make sure the entire family is safe from harmful rays.

·         Limit ice cream consumption. It’s no wonder that July has been named National Ice Cream Month as few things go together better than hot summer days and ice cream. However, as you enjoy the festivities and treats of summer, it is important to consume sweets like ice cream in moderation. Sweets typically contain high levels of sugar, which can feed harmful bacteria in the mouth, allowing them to produce an acid that can cause tooth decay. Therefore, monitor ice cream consumption and consider opting for sugar-free or reduced-sugar options.

Schedule a Visit with Your Grand Prairie Family Dentist

The summer season can be a great time to schedule dental appointments for the whole family. If you and your children are due for dental cleanings, don’t delay. Contact our 75052 dental office to schedule an appointment or a consultation with your Grand Prairie family dentist, Dr. Smith, today by calling 972-262-5111. We welcome patients from Grand Prairie, Arlington, South Dallas, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, and surrounding communities.