Grand Prairie Dentist Challenges You to a Quiz about Dental Crowns

Do you know when a dental crown becomes necessary? Did you know that there are several types of dental crowns? Take the following quiz from your Grand Prairie dentist and test your knowledge of dental crowns.

Test Your Knowledge

1.      True or False: PFM (Porcelain-fused-to-metal) crowns offer the best cosmetic results of any type of dental crown.

2.      True or False: Bruxism (teeth grinding) can damage teeth so that they need dental crowns.

3.      True or False: PFM crowns offer superior strength to all-porcelain crowns.

Check Your Answers

1.      False. All-porcelain crowns offer superior cosmetic results to PFM crowns because PFM crowns are made up of an under layer of metal to which is attached an outer layer of porcelain. While the outer layer of porcelain does add a nice cosmetic touch, the under layer of metal does not allow PFM crowns to achieve the same level of translucence exhibited by teeth and all-porcelain crowns. The under layer may also become exposed over time, resulting in a black line at the base of the crown.

2.      True. Bruxism subjects teeth to powerful forces and can wear them down over time. Initially, teeth may lose only enamel. However, enamel loss can weaken teeth, making structural damage more likely. Should teeth suffer structural damage in the form of a crack, chip, or break, a dental crown is necessary to repair the damage and restore the function of the tooth or teeth.

3.      True. The metal under layer of a PFM crown lends it superior strength. Because PFM crowns are stronger than all-metal crowns, they are often used in the back of the mouth, where the forces of biting and chewing are greater and teeth are less visible.

Dental Crowns from Your Grand Prairie Dentist

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