Grand Prairie Family Dentist: How Your Pool Can Affect Your Teeth

Do you spend time with your family enjoying your privately owned, backyard pool. If so, you may find the following information useful. Recent research has shown that improperly maintained pool water featuring an improper pH balance and chlorine level can actually contribute to enamel loss. Read below as your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, delves deeper into this research and tells you what you can do to prevent your pool from damaging your teeth.

Pool Water and Enamel Loss

 Recent research from NYU has drawn a correlation between improperly maintained pool water and enamel loss. This research stemmed from a single case in which a man suffered severe enamel loss and staining during a five-month period. The beginning of these symptoms coincided with a new exercise regimen he was beginning at the time. It involved 90 minutes of swimming in his privately owned pool. After trying and failing to find any other factors that could have contributed to such severe enamel loss and staining, the researchers found that the water in the man’s pool had an improper pH balance. They determined, therefore, that prolonged exposure to the improperly maintained water was the primary cause of his symptoms.

Pool Maintenance and Your Teeth

Enamel plays a very important role in the health of your teeth. It defends them against bacteria, helping to fight against decay. With less enamel, teeth are more vulnerable to decay and cavities are more likely. Therefore, with the results of the NYU study in mind, proper maintenance of your pool is very important and may be able to prevent similar enamel loss from occurring to you and your family. If you are unsure of how to maintain your pool, contact a professional in your area.

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