Grand Prairie Dentist: A Healthy Mouth Can Mean a Healthy Heart

Have you ever noticed how interconnected the body is? Its systems affect one another in numerous ways, and doctors continue to find links between two things that seem unrelated. Gum disease and heart disease are two of those things. Recently, doctors have found that gum disease patients are more likely to develop heart disease. Your GrandPrairie dentist, Dr. Quinn Smith, discusses this new research and what a healthy mouth can do for your heart.

What Do Gums and Hearts Have in Common?

The link that doctors have begun to accept between heart disease and gum disease is twofold. First, both diseases deal with inflammation. Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums, and hardened arteries are the result of an inflammatory process. These two similarities led scientists to research further connections between the two diseases. This research prompted the discovery that gum disease patients are more likely to develop heart disease and clogged arteries. They are also more likely to suffer strokes. Many doctors are reluctant to accept this correlation, however, arguing that the patients without gum disease may simply take better care of themselves than patients with gum disease.

Tips for Warding Away Gum Disease

Even if the two diseases prove to be unrelated (though they do seem to be), oral health is still very important. Solid research has linked oral health to overall health, and a healthy mouth means a higher quality of life. Use the following tips to care for your teeth and fight against gum disease.

  • Brush twice a day, and floss once a day. Also, be sure to angle bristles toward the gum line.
  • Limit your sugar intake. Bacteria love sugar, and too much of it can cause tooth decay.
  • Visit Dr. Smith regularly. Checkups and cleaning are an important part of your oral health.

Schedule a Visit with Your Grand Prairie Dentist

Because your oral health can impact your overall health, regular dental visits are crucial. If you haven’t had a dental appointment in the past six months, it’s time for a checkup. Schedule a visit with your Grand Prairie dentist, Dr. Smith, today by calling 972-262-5111. Our 75052 dental office welcomes patients from Grand Prairie, Arlington, South Dallas, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, and surrounding communities.